Sleep GVIZ Table

Region Sleep_trait Sleep_index_variant Imaging_trait Imaging_trait_category Imaging_trait_index_variant Colocalization_test_PPH4
2p11.2 Ease of getting up in the morning rs1606803 Brain stem Regional brain volumes rs62157778 0.983
2q33.3 Insomnia rs55772859 Cerebellar vermal lobules VI VII Regional brain volumes rs10932180 0.00484
3q13.11 Chronotype rs34967119 Left cuneus Regional brain volumes rs9830221 0.0542
4q24 Sleep duration rs13109404 Left accumbens area Regional brain volumes rs34592089 0.817
5q14.3 Morning person rs4269995 Left putamen Regional brain volumes rs766417338 0.874
5q22.2 Daytime nap rs2099810 Left cerebellum white matter Regional brain volumes rs62363971 0.856
9q22.2 Morningness rs10797119 Left amygdala Regional brain volumes rs1007966 0.922
10p12.31 Insomnia rs12251016 Left lateral ventricle Regional brain volumes rs11275375 0.682
10q24.32 Insomnia rs12411886 Right basal forebrain Regional brain volumes rs77180047 0.916
11p15.5 Morningness rs9795439 White matter Regional brain volumes rs10835060 0.997
11q12.2 Sleep duration rs174560 Right cerebellum exterior Regional brain volumes rs174560 0.923
11q14.1 Insomnia rs667730 Right putamen Regional brain volumes rs746502769 0.906
12q14.3 Snoring rs10878269 Right hippocampus Regional brain volumes rs2270547 1.6e-11
12q24.31 Insomnia rs28582096 Cerebellar vermal lobules I V Regional brain volumes rs55827423 0.719
14q32.2 Snoring rs2664299 Left thalamus proper Regional brain volumes rs2664299 0.994
16q12.2 Morning vs. evening chronotype rs4784256 Brain stem Regional brain volumes rs9934917 0.0516
17q21.31 Daytime nap rs385199 Total brain volume Regional brain volumes rs62057121 0.375
18q21.2 Insomnia rs10502966 Left putamen Regional brain volumes rs375051009 0.00687
1q25.2 Chronotype rs975025 SCC AD DTI parameters rs755699529 0.976
2p16.1 Hypersomnia rs359268 CGH MO DTI parameters rs191692 nan
3p12.3 Chronotype rs7429614 CST MO DTI parameters rs10623307 0.14
3p21.31 Insomnia rs10865954 FXST FA DTI parameters rs6446218 0.0105
6p22.1 Sleep duration rs34556183 PTR RD DTI parameters rs11966966 0.087
6p22.2 Chronotype rs766406 RLIC MD DTI parameters rs9366651 0.0444
8p23.1 Morning person rs2979256 IFO PC1 DTI parameters rs2953806 0.603
9q22.31 Insomnia rs10761240 BCC PC3 DTI parameters rs10117691 0.854
10p12.31 Sleep duration rs12246842 FX MD DTI parameters rs12268489 0.836
11p15.5 Morningness rs9795439 CGC MO DTI parameters rs9795439 0.994
15q26.1 Insomnia rs176647 PLIC PC1 DTI parameters rs150302 0.871
16q12.1 Insomnia symptoms (never/rarely vs. usually) rs1544637 Average AD DTI parameters rs4784296 0.574
17q21.31 Ease of getting up in the morning rs12150229 FXST PC1 DTI parameters rs17665188 0.497
19p13.11 Chronotype rs9636202 EC MO DTI parameters rs9636202 0.992
1p34.3 Snoring rs80093081 Left middle temporal Cortical thickness rs613511 0.754
1q21.2 Chronotype rs10157197 Right precentral Cortical thickness rs71578488 0.00329
4q24 Sleep duration (short sleep) rs13107325 Left paracentral Cortical thickness rs13107325 1.0
8p23.1 Chronotype rs11250098 Left supramarginal Cortical thickness rs10481454 0.64
17q21.31 Sleep duration rs62061734 Left entorhinal Cortical thickness rs2732602 0.6
17q21.32 Chronotype rs12600452 Right cuneus Cortical thickness rs17608766 0.633
2p16.1 Insomnia symptoms (never/rarely vs. usually) rs12713372 Frontoparietal<=>Posterior-Multimodal Resting fMRI rs3771221 0.00128
2q14.1 Sleep duration rs62158206 Somatomotor<=>Auditory Resting fMRI rs62158170 0.991
4q24 Insomnia symptoms (never/rarely vs. usually) rs11097861 Default<=>Default Resting fMRI 4:105389091_GA_G 0.248
17q21.31 Sleep duration rs1991556 Frontoparietal<=>Frontoparietal Resting fMRI rs62062271 0.365
19q13.32 Insomnia rs429358 Frontoparietal Resting fMRI rs429358 0.98
19q13.32 Insomnia rs429358 Visual2<=>Visual2 Task fMRI rs429358 0.98
8p23.1 Morning person rs11992186 Ecc AHA 2 Cardiac MRI rs3789849 0.687
11p11.2 Insomnia rs10838708 WT AHA 8 Cardiac MRI rs10838708 0.97
17q21.31 Sleep duration rs62061734 WT AHA 14 Cardiac MRI rs2696519 0.659
17q21.32 Chronotype rs12600452 Ell 3 Cardiac MRI rs17608766 0.581
22q13.1 Chronotype rs139911 AAo max area Cardiac MRI 22:40592080_CT_C 0.0228
4q24 Sleep duration rs13109404 Liver iron corrected T1 Abdominal MRI rs34592089 0.0142
6p21.1 Chronotype rs2396004 Kidney parenchyma total Abdominal MRI rs34453672 0.457
6p22.2 Narcolepsy with cataplexy rs198811 Liver iron Abdominal MRI rs198839 nan
11q13.2 Chronotype rs662094 Posterior thigh muscle fat infiltration MFI left Abdominal MRI rs662094 0.986
12q24.13 Chronotype rs7298532 Spleen volume Abdominal MRI rs11503168 0.000425
19q13.32 Insomnia rs429358 FR liver PDFF mean Abdominal MRI rs429358 0.47
1p13.2 Chronotype rs6537747 ISOS RPE thickness central subfield left Derived OCT measures 1:113074602_GTTTTTGT_G 0.784
2q24.3 Daytime nap rs35144585 INL ELM thickness outer subfield left Derived OCT measures rs4668049 0.000689
3p24.2 Insomnia rs4858708 Disc diameter trans left Derived OCT measures rs7640943 0.00802
5q14.3 Ease of getting up in the morning rs12515274 INL thickness left Derived OCT measures 5:87778792_AT_A 3.79e-06
6q14.2 Snoring rs2207944 INL thickness right Derived OCT measures rs7752421 0.883
8p23.1 Chronotype rs2979139 INL thickness right Derived OCT measures rs7833103 0.553
11q13.2 Insomnia rs147899239 ELM ISOS thickness left Derived OCT measures rs372990781 0.094
11q14.3 Insomnia rs2221119 Overall average retinal pigment epithelium thickness left Derived OCT measures rs620944 0.00308
12p13.33 Chronotype rs3782860 ISOS RPE thickness left Derived OCT measures rs2080402 0.978
12q21.31 Insomnia rs7486418 VCDR left Derived OCT measures rs7977298 0.293
14q23.1 Chronotype rs6573308 INL thickness left Derived OCT measures rs28711886 0.279
14q24.3 Chronotype rs4903203 INL ELM thickness right Derived OCT measures rs551602396 0.959
15q23 Morning person rs8023703 INL RPE thickness outer subfield left Derived OCT measures rs16956273 0.826
17q21.31 Sleep duration rs62061734 INL ELM thickness central subfield right Derived OCT measures rs17769552 0.366
18q21.2 Chronotype rs4800998 ELM ISOS thickness inner subfield left Derived OCT measures rs4800933 0.00933
21q22.3 Daytime nap rs1883048 GCIPL thickness right Derived OCT measures 21:47405085_CAGAGACAG_C 0.01
22q12.1 Chronotype rs695459 VCDR left Derived OCT measures 22:29098525_CT_C 0.00106